Can it be something I made before this year, but never had a platform to share it?

Yes, it can! If it meets the guidelines, is under 7 minutes and fits into one of the categories, we welcome projects that highlight any one of the different regions listed for this year’s festival. Also, check out the categories here for the pre-2000’s Local History category. We would love to see stories and footage from any year.

What if I edited the project in one of the regions, but it was filmed elsewhere?

The central element of the project must be filmed in one of the eligible locations. The editing process is considered part of the post-production process.

Can I enter something I submitted to another film festival previously?

Yes, you can! If it meets the rest of the guidelines, and it didn’t win first-place or any monetary award in other competitions, it will be eligible to enter. If a project did win at another festival, and still meets the remainder of our entry conditions, it may still be eligible for screening, just not eligible for a prize. (We want your community members to learn as much as they can about people and places in their region.)

Are animated short films okay? What if none of my footage is from recognisable locations in those regions?

Yes, animated short films are welcome! If any project happens to feature or depict local scenery or historical events, then we’ll probably notice this during a manual review of entries. If it doesn’t, then all we’ll need is proof it was recorded or film there (such as a residential address). And, as with any other project, your submissions will be eligible if you have obtained a licence or permission for all visuals you use (which, for instance, would exclude things like AI-generated imagery from databases compiled without consent).

I'd like to enter a Stop Motion video. Can I do this? What app would you suggest? And does it have to be Legos?

Yes, please! We love stop motion entries. For an app, we’d recommend something that’s user-friendly and free-to-use like Stop Motion Studio. For the props, we’d suggest Legos or clay or paper drawings, for something that can be changed between frames — but you can have actors move around and change their poses between photos, too!

If I enter a Stop Motion short film, does it have still be filmed in one of the listed regions?

Not necessarily! As long as the animation is set in one of those locations (such as using background images of landmarks or scenery), then it should be eligible! For example, in 2023, we had a Stop Motion entry filmed at home, but depicted “Kwinana Motorplex”. Therefore, the region it was depicting was set in Kwinana and was eligible for entry.

Does the Under 13s Stop Motion category have to be filmed "live" outside or can a screen be used with the background image being locations in the regions asked for this year?

No, it doesn’t have to be filmed outside! If the central element of the animation is about one of the festival’s locations, or visually depicts landmarks or scenery (such as background images), then the entry will meet the criteria.

If I was under 18 over a year ago when I made the film, can I enter it in the Under 18s category?

You must be under 18 at the time of submission to our film festival to be eligible for the Under 18s category.

Can my child submit more than one entry to the Super Short Under 2 Minutes?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to submit as many different projects to any category they are eligible to enter.

I have a horror short film with no gore and no blood. Is this okay?

For any films which feature coarse language, mature themes, violence or horror elements, we will determine how appropriate it is for a general audience during the review process.

If we have enough shortlisted projects of these themes, it is possible they may all be screened at one session with a content warning for mature audiences.

Where can I find the full list of festival guidelines?

Here! 🙂

I have a short film that was made by a number of my Media students. Would you recommend they submit in the U18s film category or the school category? Or can you choose to enter under both?
Given that a central element of your students’ project depicts, or was filmed in one of the listed regions for this year, then their entry may be eligible for the Under 18’s category. The students must have worked on the project themselves.
Schools entries will need to come from a school email.
How do I register my short film?

Here! 🙂

If you have a short film you would like to submit to the festival, please upload your video project to our Film Freeway Submission page here: and follow the prompts from there.
How do I register to see the films?
If you would like to book tickets to the upcoming screenings in October at ACE Cinemas in Rockingham,  the tickets for these screenings will be released to the public in September immediately after the shortlisted projects are announced. There will be information posted on our website when that time arrives, and you can also keep abreast of any news around the event and ticket sales on our social media pages here:
What do I need to do when I submit my entry?

After completing a project that meets the festival guidelines, and returning to our FilmFreeway page to enter, you will be asked to submit information when uploading it to our FilmFreeway page. First are personal details, second is cast and crew and production location information, and third is permission to upload your projects to our social media pages (or you can send us a link to your own uploads if you’d like more hits) so we can share your project to inspire others, let them see your work, and promote you and the up coming screenings.

What happens if I’m shortlisted?

Sometime in the weeks following the deadline on August 11th 2024, we will contact you to inform you whether or not your project(s) have been shortlisted. Shortlisted entries will be screened at ACE Cinemas Rockingham in October.

Does being shortlisted make me a finalist?

You will receive an email letting you know you have been shortlisted. Shortlisting does not constitute being a finalist. Being shortlisted means your project has been chosen to be screened on the big screen at the cinemas with Rock The Boat Film Festival. The shortlisted projects from all regions will then be accessed by an independent judging panel, and from here finalists chosen from each category.

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