Meet the Team!

Renae Hardie Braovich
Festival Producer/Director

Renae is an experienced screenwriter with a feature film currently in development. As a corporate video producer and director of over 200 productions across Australia, as well as a commissioned author and workshop facilitator, Renae received multiple awards, including awards for innovation, business excellence and Business Person of the Year. Additionally, Renae is an Accredited Classifier for Film, approved to make classification decisions to be published to the National Classification Database. Recently, Renae was acknowledged by the City of Rockingham as a Nominee for the 2024 Community Citizen of the Year Awards for her work as the Creator and Director of Rock The Boat Film Festival, and the impact which this festival has had on the community, in helping bring people closer together and platform the voices and visions of aspiring filmmakers.

Joel Braovich
Associate Producer/Editor

Having grown up with a love of films, video production and storytelling, Joel has featured in commercials and created his own short stories and films in the past. His strengths and interests earned him a place in the Honours and Excellence list for English ATAR students in Western Australia. In 2023, Joel was the editor and projectionist for all of the festival’s screenings, and is keen to continue working behind the scenes for years to come.

David Braovich
Technical Support

A videographer of over one hundred corporate productions, the “AV Guy,” roadie, and technical support crew member, David is a trained film projectionist of “reel film.” Deciding to hang up the reel just days before the switch to digital, David is a true advocate of Australian film and cinema and our crucial runner and tech support for the family team behind Rock The Boat Film Festival.