Accessible to All
Free to All
Showcasing the Region
Uniting Local People
Any Proceeds go back into the Community
Accessible to All
Ensuring accessibility for all.

Rock The Boat Film Festival was created by Renae Hardie Braovich of RHB Films with the vision of helping underrepresented communities share their voice so they can be seen, heard and witnessed creatively.

The festival enables anyone of any age, ability, experience, and using any equipment, to have equal opportunity to share their voice and have their story be seen at the local cinema.

This festival aims to prove that the stories of “everyday” people can leave as much of an impact upon the audience as anything else on the silver screen. And using the devices that have led us to become more disconnected, we want the stories shared to bring communities closer together.

Free to All
No cost. No limit.

With this innovative approach to a film festival, we are ‘rocking the boat’ to open the door to the ‘silver screen’ regardless of filming device, or filmmaking experience. We’re not looking for blockbuster SFX, we’re keen to witness authentic and well-formed stories. To encourage maximum participation, all submissions into this film festival are free, and participants can submit as many entries as they like across any category in which they are eligible. The only prerequisite for submitting an entry is knowing how to upload it to either our dedicated FilmFreeway Submissions Page. Anyone still requiring assistance with the submission process can contact us to request assistance at any time.

Showcasing the Region
Inviting all local community members, people from across Perth, and beyond!

In order for any entry to be eligible in 2024, the central element of the short film or documentary must be filmed in one of the specified regions for the festival (to be announced). Hopefully, the residents of the selected regions, and their visitors will be encouraged to explore the many scenic filming locations available and hidden local histories, collectively helping showcase to the rest of Western Australia what these areas have to offer.

Uniting Local People
Bringing people together.

The festival will bring together different age groups and cultures from within the local community and the Perth metropolitan area, effectively acting as a platform for those whose stories have been told, but not heard. A community event of such a scale will play an important role in creating a lasting impact in helping shape the cultural identity and strengthen unity within the communities where the festival takes place. 

Any Proceeds go back into the Community
Proceeds raised will go back into local community projects.

The festival’s focus of accessibility and community will help empower local people to share their story through film and impact lasting change by:

  • Equal opportunity for storytelling.
  • Education through story sharing. 
  • Supporting the local economy.
  • Enhance community pride.

Rock The Boat Film Festival Logo

Festival focus: Accessibility & Community

No matter the camera, from Super 8 film, analogue to digital, it’s the story that counts. To ensure everyone has equal opportunity, you can use any filming device and entry into the competition is free!

If you know how to upload a video to the internet and use a mobile phone – great! For those who need it, a video tutorial on how to upload your project to our Film Freeway website has been created and can be found on the “How-to-upload-to-Film-Freeway” page of this website.

As individuals and teams brainstorm short film or documentary ideas, researching the (to be announced) regions and its people, they may unveil newfound knowledge and understanding. In developing their projects and filming within the designated regions for this year’s festival, their short films will form part of an archive of footage for the area. In turn, they themselves, now become a part of documented local history and will help shape each respective region and its identity into the future.


Visit the eligible regions.

Film your projects.

Discover new stories.